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Adria Lynne Tondreault

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Adria Lynne Tondreault


About The Artist

name: Adria Lynne Tondreault
preferred nicknames/alias: Aya, Adrien
age: 21
sign: virgo
zodiac: wood ox
gender: androgynous pre-op ftm transsexual
sexuality: pansexual
website name:
drawing since: I had the motor skills to work a crayon
career ambition: japanese manga artist/writer
former schooling: animal crackers preschool, saint mary sacred heart grade school k-8, bishop feehan high school 9-10
current schooling: school one, providence
independent study: japanese language
hobbies: drawing, writing, music, internet, equestrian, swimming, yoga
favourite drawing media: oekaki computer art
favourite drawing subjects: fantasy, people, sexuality and gender, animals, mythology, japanese style