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Warming up before singing

You want to begin with a few moments of physical upper body stretches. Begin your warm up by dropping your chin to chest and feel the upper spine stretch holding for 10 seconds. Drop your right ear to right shoulder and then left ear to left shoulder feeling the stretch in the sides of your neck. You then want to raise your right arm up over your head and stretch to the left feeling your whole mid side stretch holding for 10 seconds and then repeat on the other side. After you have completed this stretch both arms overhead and reach them up and back, feeling a good frontal chest and abdomen stretch. From there you want to focus on stretching the jaw opening your mouth wide and closing. You can also use your mid three fingers to massage into the center of the jaw muscles and feel them relax. You then want to move onto breathing exercises. You than want to begin singing scales and vocalizing. I like to begin with a simple one note droning phrase going between mmm-ahhh-mmm-ahhh-mmm. It helps to get centered and to begin resonating with the voice. I will generally run various scales for 15 minutes and then move into singing and incorporating the Diaphragm Signing Technique with song.

voice training
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Stretching - Warming up before singing
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