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I have always felt that singing is a spiritual act. I say this because it raises your consciousness as well as those who are listening. When you open your mouth to sing a song the words or the music have an emotion that touches the spirit and the more you sing from your heart or your soul, the more fans you will have and the more people you will touch. Music is the universal language. It also helps to connect you to your creativity and the freedom that exists within. Singing is a release. It is a great healer. As the Native Americans say it is good medicine.

Often sound is used in healing. Even if you sit and vocalize accapella, playing with your voice and using it’s different tones you can create your own symphony just solo with one voice. It can often be seen as a form of meditation. The Buddhists use the word OM as a healing sound. It is one sound repeated over and over as a medititation. As you sit repeating that one tone, OM, and focus on the breath and the tone, it does have a transcending quality.

In many cultures they use a technique of singing called throat singing. This is accomplished by opening the throat and moving the mouth in certain formations. You can actually begin to create overtones and undertones and create an almost harmonizing effect with one single note. There is a lot of resonance that occurs with correct throat singing. It is a fun and enlightening way to use your voice. Playing music or even listening to music is a spiritual act.

As an original artist I have used my voice in many capacities over the years. One thing that never fails to occur when I sing live, is a feeling of transcendence and healing. At times when I sing in full creative potential it is as if I go on a journey and almost forget that I am in a room physically singing. The sound carries me away. After the song is finished I open my eyes and I often find that the room has traveled with me on that journey. I highly recommend exploring your voice, discovering it’s weaknesses and it’s strengths and then taking those strengths and writing music around the magical places that your voice can not only take you to, but also your audience. If you are not a songwriter choose songs that really showcase your voice and that you are comfortable and confident singing.

Even if there is no audience… sing every day. It fills your soul, brings you joy and connection.

I recommend maintaining not only a daily practice schedule but also time to stretch, do breathing exercises, and yoga. Meditation, even if it is for 15 minutes a day, is very beneficial for you. Take time to attune what’s on the inside. Taking care of yourself does not only mean your body but also your spirit and your mind as they all go hand in hand. Creating balance and harmony in your life is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Maintaining it takes work and discipline. Practice, Practice, Practice …. This is the key … and discipline. Find the time every day to practice your singing and vocalizing. It builds vocal stamina, increases range, develops skill and flexibility. Take care of what’s on the inside and the outside will glow.

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