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nutrition for singers

Drink lots of fluids, and warm teas a couple of times a day. It is healthier for the body to consume drinks at room to warm temperatures. Try to avoid ice cubes in drinks. Commercial sodas should be on the bottom of the list when it comes to what you will reach for to drink. If it is an all natural soda, sweetened with natural cane juice, that is alright but be careful not to have too many because sodas can create an acidic stomach. Also be careful of your caffeine intake again due to the acidity level in your stomach. What happens when your system gets too acidic is that you can develop a condition of acid reflux which is the acids coming up from the stomach which in turns effects the vocal chords in a negative way. It coats them with a mucous which really makes the chords swell and work at half their potential.

Keeping a good balance of your nutrition is a key to healthy voice production as well. Make sure you are not eating too much of any food group but maintaining a good nutritional balance. I like to refer to the way the Chinese and Japanese cultures eat. They eat food that is not weighed down by greases or saturated fats. They eat a balanced died adding fish, poultry, meats, fresh veggies and fruits. Drink lots and lots of water and keep hydrated. If you are a vegetarian, try to eat lots of almonds, and products that provide a good source of protein. Eat your fruits and vegetables fresh, not canned, and make them the main part of your daily diet.

Lastly be aware of eating too much chocolate, again a great acid producer in the system. Try Carob chips as an alternative. Be mindful to eat more whole grains, less empty carbs. When eating rice reach for the whole grain, brown or long grain over white rice. Limit your intake of breads and heavy carbs to at least every other day or every two days. Limit your daily intake of dairy products as they are mucous producing in the body.

Some healthy alternatives to drinking milk is Rice Dream (rice milk) and Soy milk. They come in a variety of flavors and are easier to digest in your system. Always start your day with a warm cup of tea preferably green or twig.

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