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I often find with my vocal students when they first come to begin lessons that they are lacking in confidence. This is normal in the beginning but understand that confidence is a state of mind. You are what you think. An ancient parable is the saying that ‘Thoughts are Things‘. This is a true statement. There have been many times when I will show a student a new scale or melody and they’ll quickly say “I can’t do that” ! And my response is always never say you can’t! The word can’t is a word that is not allowed to be spoken at my side when taking a lesson. First of all I wouldn’t introduce something to a student if I didn’t think they were ready for it. The beautiful and poignant thing is after they say “I can’t” I say of course you can. We go through the exercise slowly and next thing you know they are not only doing it, but they are soaring on it. Their eyes light up huge and they smile and say I did it! Feed your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. Be kind to yourself emotionally.

If you are suffering from low self-esteem and you feel like you want to sing but lack the confidence to do it… fight that feeling. Those are chains that you are creating for yourself. Cut those chains, and feed yourself some light and empowerment. Lift your esteem to a place of love and creative power. You have the goods inside you. Free the things in your life that are not serving your higher good. Sit and ask yourself is this serving my higher good? If the answer is no, it is best for you to cut those ties whether it be in relationship, job, school, music, friends, etc. The list goes on. Bottom line is we are all born with a right to create and be happy. To walk in an emotional state that is confident, balanced, empowered, humble, fulfilling, healthy and creative. If your mind is saying I want to sing, and you don’t answer that voice and you ignore it -- you will find that that voice won’t go away. It can be compared to a woodpecker that keeps jabbing his beak into the bark of a tree. The motion of that beak is the same as the emotion of that voice. It is calling you to sing! In my mind it is a form of food… feeding your life and soul through music. It will continue to badger you and knock on your minds door until do something about it. If that is happening to you that means it is one of your souls calling and it is part of who you are.

Part of us existing on this planet is to self-realize. That means to discover what our gifts and talents are and pursue them to their full potential. If you ignore that inner voice calling you to sing and create, to follow your aspirations, than you are turning your back on a great part of yourself and by doing that it can lead to a state of being and feeling repressed which in turn leads to anger and resentment. Unfortunately those things always lead to depression. So take care of your emotional state. In the end no one can do it for you. It is up to you to nourish your emotional state with good healthy thoughts and living. Surround yourself with good people!! Music is the best medicine, the best healer and an incredible way to communicate creatively. If you’ve got the gift -- use it-- this world always needs a new soulful voice to carry us through the day.

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