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voice training: method
Breathing: What About The Diaphragm?

Tip: Successful singing is born out of correct use of diaphragm & abdominals.

Using the breath to support your diaphragm is the key to successful singing. One of the big things to avoid as a singer is burn out. You need to learn to pace yourself and to learn and utilize the diaphragm breathing technique to keep your voice in good solid shape. Singing at full voice is a whole body work out. It is not using the throat only but paying attention to your posture, your breath and abdominal muscles. I highly recommend signing up for voice lessons with a teacher that can help guide you hands on with learning the correct way of singing. It all comes down to the breath and the correct use of it. There is a rhythm in the breath and a support that needs to be developed in every song that you sing.

voice training
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Method - Breathing: What about the Diaphragm ?

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