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voice training: method
Are you Singing correctly ?

When beginning to learn a vocal method you want to keep a check on your movements and how you are incorporating what you are learning. Be aware of your posture… no slouching. Spine straight and shoulders back. Chin centered… not upwards or downwards. Tongue generally down and when doing vocal exercises it may be helpful to remind yourself to keep the tip of the tongue touching the bottom teeth. When beginning with the breathing exercises it is always helpful to lay flat on the floor and breathe deeply in. Feel your stomach naturally rise and an almost pressure in the center of your stomach right below the ribs. That is where your diaphragm is located. I recommend laying flat on the floor in the beginning because in that position your body is not fighting with gravity and you can feel the breath move in more deeply with greater ease. When singing correctly, you will maintain a rhythm of breath along with contracting the abdominals to support the diaphragm. It turns out to be a good belly workout at the same time you are supporting your voice.

I like to think of it as connecting the abdominals to the ‘core’ which is the main focus when doing Pilates exercises. I highly recommend doing abdominal crunches not only to get them in better shape for performance but also it helps to increase your connection when using them for singing.

voice training
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