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Voice Teacher: How to find one that's right for you

TipsHow to find a voice teacher: Call local music stores and search online by googling voice lessons and voice teachers in your neck of the woods. Search on Craigslist checking under both the musicians listings and the lessons listings. It is key that in your search you find teachers you are inquiring with embody a Diaphragm Breathing Technique which helps to develop a strong singing Method that is comprehensible for new learners as well as experienced. I recommend talking to a few teachers before you decide on one.

It is very important you feel a good and comfortable chemistry with the teacher you choose. Also you want to hear them say they tailor their lessons to the needs of their students and are versatile both stylistically and creatively. You want to find someone who will help you discover your strengths and weakness as a vocalist and bring power, strength and skill to both. It is also important for the teacher to be able to be versatile in helping you to build your repertoire and to give you guidance in a musical direction if needed. If you are a singer/songwriter, it is important to find a voice teacher who can work hands on with you and your original compositions as that is what you will be focusing on in the recording studio and on stage.

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How to begin-Vocal Training for Singers
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Training - Voice Teacher: How to find one that's right for you

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